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Welcome to RD'S Nature Retreat

Best Resort in Bannerghatta, Bangalore

When fun and adventure beckons with your friends or family, you would love to go where you can find both and in addition to having a good time outdoors. Just 25 kms away from Bangalore city, nestled amidst Ragihalli forest, is such a place – called RD’S Nature Retreat near Bannerghatta. Well-known as an Adventure Resort in Bangalore, it is a perfect getaway with friends, family, and colleagues.

As you drive into our Nature Resort it begins to feel like a getaway into the woods. You get to stay with nature and the ambiance around is like living in the wild but with all comforts that are meant to indulge you into having a relaxed holiday.

RD’S Nature Retreat offers the best ways to understand, explore, live and love nature. It intends to protect and develop nature and its wildlife. You can stealthily watch birds here, rock while you trek, enjoy the adventurous sports, learn nature’s workshop and polish your flora-fauna knowledge, show off your fishing skills, go on a lovely boating voyage, have a romantic walk, and finally shelter in natural looking eco camps.

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What You Will Find Here

Nature Camp & Adventure Sports









Drive away for a fun-filled Adventurous Weekend


Day Outing Adventure

Resort in Bangalore for Day Outing with Adventure Activities

RD’S Nature Retreat is a resort in the lap of nature for those who love to explore, indulge and enjoy life. Choose from a variety of Day Outing Packages custom made for Individuals and Corporate, and our Team will take care of everything else. 


Cottage Stay

Resort in Bangalore for Couples Stay

Our Nature Resort located in Bangalore is where you can relax, enjoy nature and be a part of it. We Offer Cottage Stay with privacy and comfort for those who want to spend some quality time with their family or someone special.


Club Room Stay

Nature Resort Stay in Bangalore

RD’S Nature Retreat is a resort perfect for your stay with family and friends. We offer club rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people and let you enjoy the wild without compromising on comfort and luxury.


Camping Tent Stay

Best Camping near Bangalore

RD’S Nature Retreat brings you one of its kind camping experience, A Camping Tent with a Campfire that allows you to enjoy a night’s stay in the Resort with ample space inside for couples or friends to sleep comfortably.

Ultimate Dining Experience

Delicious cuisines and a unique setting to inspire a special occasion.

Specially crafted meals, served by Professional Chefs.

For the ultimate Experience of Dining! Stay with us at the most exotic resort in Bangalore. Take a plunge into the lap of Mother Nature and enjoy tasteful food surrounded by lush green mountains, a serene lake, and fresh air.

RD’S Nature Retreat offers Lake View and Cave Restaurant with Speciality Chefs providing you with an ever-changing menu of Lip-Smacking Selection Of Dishes in our Buffet Spread for Both Veg and Non-Veg. We also offer Live Barbeque, Dosa, and Pani Puri Counters.

Experience the outdoors amidst nature

Popular Adventure Activities in our Resort

ATV Bike Riding

ATV Bike rides are a fairly offbeat adventure activity that gratifies your adrenaline needs.

We offer an All-Terrain-Vehicle a.k.a the ATV Bike Riding which is an open-air motorised off-highway vehicle, that is designed to travel on  four low-pressure tyres.

Bull Rodeo

There’s nothing quite like the Bull rodeo, a bull ride that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Our rodeo bull ride will give you a chance to experience the sensation of riding a wild animal. The activity is completely safe with variable speeds that make it fun for everyone.


Paddle yourself into the lap of mother nature like never before for a fun watersports activity

We offer you a very unique experience to bask in the sun and paddling through our serene lake in boats. Improve your balance and coordination whilst you experience the nature like never before

Goli Maro

Do you want to enhance your shooting skills in short duration?

We at RD’S Resort offer Goli Maro adventure activity, known to help regular practitioners improve your focus and concentration, two of the most important traits required in all walks of life.

Bungee Trampoline

Enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping with the fun of a trampoline!

On the Bungee trampoline, you can make fantastic jumps to a height of 6 meters, performing various tricks, flips, and somersaults, and have a memorable time of their lives

Burma Bridge

Reach to new heights as you cross over the lake in our Burma Bridge.

This bridge consists of a thin rope to walk on & other two ropes to hold on to it and might seem like a cakewalk, but will send you chills down to your legs as you proceed further on your adventurous walk.

River Crossing

River Crossing is a thrilling adventure activity where you experience both fun and adventure.

Travel on a pulley suspended on a cable, mounted on an incline, this is challenging as one has to cross the river while hanging from a rope. It is fun to do when you are with friends and compete with each other

Egypt Ladder

Egypt ladder is to test your stamina and overcome fear.

It is an elevated bridge-like walkway built to cross through the ropewalk and is one of the best activities to test physical fitness and mental endurance.

Cricket Bowling Machine

What’s a vacation spent without a game of Cricket?

We have got more than just standard hard balls and willow cricket bats – we created an evergreen cricket alley just for fanatics like you. Train like a pro with our Cricket Bowling Machine

Water Roller

Want to try something fun and adventurous? Stroll across the surface of the water body by yourself or with friends.

Maintain your balance and walk, run or flip on the surface of the water without getting wet. This exhilarating activity will surely make your day.

360 Cycling

360 Cycling is a thrilling adventure activity where you Experience Thrills on Two Wheels.

Take your cycling adventure to new heights with our exhilarating 360 Degree Cycling experience. Designed for thrill-seekers, this unique activity challenges you to bike along a circular track, defying gravity as you go upside down.


Archery is to seek your Precision and Mindful Focus.

Hone your precision and focus with the ancient art of archery. Our archery experience allows you to connect with nature as you release each arrow, finding a sense of calm amidst the excitement.

Commando Net

Commando Walk is a Activity to Finding Stability in your Movement?

Test your agility and focus with Pole Walk and Commando Walk experiences. Traverse narrow pathways and suspended bridges, enhancing stability and mindfulness as you navigate these unique challenges in the heart of nature.

I Walk

Want to try something fun and adventurous? I-Walk is a Activity for Stepping Into Mindfulness

Elevate your awareness with Cylinder Walk and I-Walk experiences. Walking on cylindrical surfaces demands concentration and a heightened sense of body awareness, offering a unique and mindful adventure amidst the tranquility of our resort.

Land Zorbing

Land Zorbing is a thrilling adventure activity where you Roll into Fun with Land Zorbing.

Get ready to tumble and roll with our Land Zorbing adventure! Encase yourself in a giant transparent orb and roll down our gentle slopes, experiencing the exhilarating sensation of zorbing.

Water Zorbing

Walk on Water with Our fun-filled Adventure Activity of Water Zorbing.

IWater Zorbing offers you a miraculous experience of walking on water! Step inside our large zorbing spheres and make your way across our tranquil water body. Feel the thrill as you try to balance and navigate the orb, all while enjoying the cool splashes and stunning views around.

Pole Walk

Pole Walk & Commando Walk is a Adventure Activity to Find your Stability in Movement ?

Test your agility and focus with Pole Walk and Commando Walk experiences. Traverse narrow pathways and suspended bridges, enhancing stability and mindfulness as you navigate these unique challenges in the heart of nature.

Sky Cycling

Want to try something fun and adventurous? Pedal Through the Sky by yourself and feel like you are Flying

Elevate your cycling experience – literally – with our Sky Cycling adventure! Perched high above the ground, pedal your way across a tightrope bicycle track with the safety of harnesses and helmets. As you cycle amidst the treetops, soak in the breathtaking aerial views of Resort’s lush landscapes.

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing is a thrilling adventure activity where you Explore Reaching New Heights

Embrace the challenge of scaling towering trees in our lush surroundings. Tree climbing at RD’S Nature Retreat is not just an activity; it’s an opportunity to conquer new heights, both physically and mentally, while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding greenery.

Quake Walk

Quake Walk is a Activity in Balancing Acts of Presence.

It is an elevated bridge-like walkway built to cross through the ropewalk and is one of the best activities to test physical fitness and mental endurance.

Looking for a Corporate Team Outing near Bangalore?

Contact Us for Customized Packages
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We help you create impactful, memorable and adventurous experiences that help your employees bond.


This is what they have to say

RD'S Nature Retreat

Rated as the best resort in bangalore for the Hospitality, Food and Amenities from both Corporate and Individual Guests.

“Resort especially built for nature lover. I spent a fun filled day with my family out there. Welcome drinks was awesome, Food was also good, Ambience was very much lively, courteous people always waiting to serve you & moreover, you will find positive vibes all around the Resort. Especially Aneesh, the guy serving at the welcome drinks counter was extremely helpful & courteous. Guys, Please do visit the Resort & don't dare to miss the welcome drinks. Thank you so much for the mind-blowing service, will plan to visit once again with my full team on..”
asit rout
“Had been to this place with 10 adults and 5 kids. One of the best resorts at this price point. Along with normal indoor and outdoor resort facilities, They also provide 10 free adventure activities including zipline, ATV bike ride, water …”
"We were a ladies group and so initially we were afraid thinking about the safety for the stay, however once we reached there we got confidence that it is a safe area and we can enjoy without any tensions. The food was excellent with out much spice and the activities were good too. Family with small kids or infants too can enjoy there. Rooms and washrooms were clean enough with good ambience. Overall it was a very memorable stat we had."
Deepa Anjali
“It is the most amazing place for a quick getaway. The activities are quite an experience for those who are adventurous. The staff members are polite and very encouraging. The food is great! There's a lot of variety for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Without a doubt, I would recommend you all to give RD's a try!”
Soumya Vishwakarma

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Resorts offer various booking options.

  • The easiest and quickest way is to book from the website.
  • Via Call +91 99806 07744 | 90190 31319 | 080 2959 5959
  • Via Chat through Whatsapp 
  • Via mail to

*Note : Prior Booking is Mandatory. Advance 25% to be paid for the confirmation of the booking. Balance at the time of check-in by card/cash.

Yes, you can drive down to the Resort. The asphalt roads are well maintained. We are about a 15 mins drive from Bannerghatta. You can follow google maps for the route map. We have Ample Parking Space for your Vehicles

We provide a completely secure environment for you, your family and friends. The resort has multiple CCTV cameras along with a razor fence boundary wall. The local police also organises night patrol in this area.

We follow all the regulations listed by the Govt. & Forest Department

Guests should carry a valid Indian Govt. ID during Check-in (Aadhar / Driving license / Voters ID / Passport) during Check-in

As we encourage living in harmony with nature, you might come across some non human nature’s creation too. However, rest assured that pest control measures are a part of our regular schedules.

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