Adventure Sports

Camp accommodates safely challenging sports like Rope Activities. These games test your sportiveness, unity and personality while keeping you thrilled and excited throughout. These sports are safety tested to ensure your security.

The mountains surrounding the place offer a natural trekking path to the visitors. The guards around are always ready to assist you in need. You can make your choice of distance (1 km – 2km).


The pond, that the camp includes, is a great place for boating. It has pedal boats for a couple rowing.

Artificial Rain

You may mistake everyday as a rainy day here! The place has an open dance floor accompanied with rain showering.

Indoor Games

Table Tennis, Chess/ Carom, Hand Soccer.

Outdoor Games

Shuttle Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Throw Ball.

Conference Hall

The hall accommodates an average of 60-80 people. The serene atmosphere is best suited for meetings and discussions.

Nature Walk

Your healthy and refreshing walk cannot get a better place than this. Walking amidst the trees and mountains will restore the freshness in you.

Bird Watching

How good are you at birds’ identification? Enjoy finding those rare little ones here or just listen to them from the bird watch area.