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The essence of a nature resort

The essence of a nature resort

The purpose of a holiday is to escape from ordinary life and love into a different setting that is refreshing and rejuvenating. This meaning of a vacation is lost in a luxury hotel where the mind is again confined within walls that may look decorated but are still an obstruction from nature and its core. The refreshment of the mind and body together can take place in harmony only within nature and greenery. Bangalore is a spot in Karnataka that has visitors from across the world and all over India too. This allows for a lot of connections via roads and railways. The city has many small towns and villages set amidst nature all around allowing it to have many weekend getaway options filled with the complete nature experience.
A nature resort is more than just greenery spread across a property. It is an organised chaos where greenery is molded in such a way that it becomes aesthetic and the greenery itself becomes the identity of the resort. The walkways, reception, rooms, dining areas and every nook and cranny must reflect nature or an at least a representative element of it so as to make the experience authentically natural and never let the visitor doubt the natural feel of the resort. To go the extra mile, even the food menu may be curated with all natural ingredients as such minute details make a resort unique and memorable. Every tree, shrub and blade of grass is itself a part of the environment created within the resort.
Adventure sports is an entertaining factor which has become largely commercialized and broken down into a very artificial experience. The water bodies, greenery and even the muddy terrains used in cities for these activities is all brought from outside locations making them very obviously man made. There is an added thrill in knowing that an ATV track is genuinely raw soil and that trees from which the nets are hanging are naturally present. The visitor feels like they are in a real forest and have made their abode within it.
The cherry on top is the little elements that only exist within real nature such as the chirping of birds and presence of small animals such as squirrels that makes the whole experience subliminally complete. Your mind will fully become one with nature when you hear a world of voices even within the silence which is nature speaking to you. Experience this gift of nature today and visit a nature resort for your next getaway.

Paintball as an adventure activity

Paintball as an adventure activity

As paintball as an activity started gaining popularity in India, many adventure hubs have started incorporating it. This colorful game’s main focus is on strategy and team effort. In this game, players shoot paintballs at other team members who become their target. The main aim of the game is to survive without being completely splashed!
This game is generally played with safety gears that ensure no injury.
The objective of the game is customizable. While some make it about hoisting the team flag, others play it till they run out of ammunition. Whether you play defense or attack is up to you.
The duration of the game ranges from seconds to hours.
This game is a very fun team activity that poses challenges in front of players.
You can play this if you are bored on a Sunday or even as a part of your corporate team building session.
The game is so captivating that it often helps in concentration development. Furthermore, it also tones up your body because it engages you in a lot of fitness postures.
A lot of trip organizing companies keep paintball as their main focus because of the popularity that it has gained over the years.
Paintball involves crawling, diving, sprinting and various other postures that becomes really exciting in the game.
It is a sport of excitement, focus and a lot of strategy. If you are a PUBG lover, you will love this game too because of all the cool strategies involved. In Fact it is a lot like PUBG but only with colors.
At most places, this is a really affordable adventure activity that involves a very good game plan. It is highly engaging and you are sure to try it more than once when you get introduced to it.
Often the field of the game is themed in a certain way and obstacles are placed accordingly.
The first organized paintball game in record was held by Charles Gaines and friends in New Hampshire in 1981, with the first paintball field opening approximately a year later in Sutton.
Now we have professional tournaments hosted for paintball where well trained players participate with a proper objective. The first British national league was the British Paintball League created in 1989 by Gary Morhall, Richard Hart and Derek Wildermuth in Essex England.
So gather your friends and family around and rush for a match of Paintball because it is a great stress buster and is extremely adventurous and fun!

Factors to consider when choosing a Resort

Factors to consider when choosing a Resort

Planning a holiday is perhaps the best phase of the holiday. You try to make your vacation special in every way possible within your budget. But in spite of everything being right, a bad resort can put one off for the entire holiday. Perhaps, all of us have experienced a bad resort sometime or the other.
So what shall one consider while choosing a resort for vacation?
Well, the first and foremost factor is the distance from the prime location of your holiday spot. Choose your location based on your preference. Keep it away from the hub if you don’t like the buzz of the town.
The second thing to keep in mind is the budget. No one wants to spend their entire money on just the resort. There are other beautiful places waiting that might demand some expense.
When both of these are sorted, you can check out the resort facilities based on your interests. Some people prefer a resort with a spa, some people prefer a resort that specializes in food and some just focus on the rooms. Pick your resort based on your interests.
Lastly, you can check out reviews about the resort to gather the opinions and finally make up your mind.
So these are the ways in which you can avoid picking an undesirable resort for your vacation and have a smooth getaway with your friends and family.

Building strong family relationship

Building strong family relationship

When was the last time you spent some time away from your gadgets and close to your family? When was the last time you rejoiced in the rain with your family?
In this fast running world, maintaining a strong family relationship is very important.
It is good to be aware of your family members’ whereabouts but it is equally important to give them their personal space.
Most family members, now- a- days, are working and have no time to spare but it is important for everyone to get together and spend some quality time with each other. Going for family outings is a great way to strengthen family bonds. One can always have great fun with family in a new destination. One can also try out some cool adventure activities like kayaking, trekking, boating, paintball and many more.
In Fact paintball ball with family will be so much fun! All such activities can bring newness to everyone’s life and add a sense of fitness and activeness to it.
You can just visit a resort and chill with your family in the pool or maybe try out their different activities or you can simply stay at home and dance together.
Most families now a days are nuclear families but if you can tag along your grandparents, uncles, aunts and even your adorable pets for such Outings, the day becomes extremely memorable as you get to mingle with all your family members and know about each one’s story.
So it’s time to value some real relationships by keeping aside the virtual ones.

One day trip to outskirt of Bangalore with family

One day trip to outskirt of Bangalore with family

Have you explored the whole of Bangalore? If not, start with the outskirts of Bangalore with your family. Bangalore has a lot of destinations for family outing especially around Bannerghatta road.
RD’s nature retreat in Bannerghatta road is one such location that offers the best experience of nature and adventure.
RD resort is a nature resort in Bangalore that not only offers a clear and pristine exposure to nature but also has a wide range of adventure activities to make your weekend thrilling. So if you are planning a thrilling weekend getaway in Bangalore, RD resort is the perfect destination.
Their adventure activities include cycling, trekking, paint ball, boating, shooting, Zip-line and many more. These adventure activities not only give you the adrenaline buzz but also helps you bond with your family over fun activities.
Apart from that, they also have facilities of bird watching, nature photography and even indoor games.
Spend a wonderful time with your family in RD resort, explore the nooks and corners of Bangalore and make your trip memorable!

Budget resorts in Bangalore

Budget resorts in Bangalore

Bangalore can often prove to be an expensive city. The idea of spending a relaxing weekend involves a lot of money.
But if we explore properly, Bangalore has a lot of budget resorts too. These resorts will provide you with good facilities and services.
Some of them also have a number of adventure activities in Bangalore. You can find a variety of nature resorts and adventure resorts in Bangalore for a really pocket friendly budget.
RD’s Nature Retreat in Bangalore is one such budget resort in Bangalore that will make your weekend getaways memorable.budget resort in Bangalore
They have various activities like rock climbing, trekking, boating, zip-line and many more. This resort is surrounded by greenery and provides a tranquil ambiance.
You can experience a wonderful weekend trip with your friends, family or even have a corporate outing. This resort is appropriate for all kinds of crowd and provides premium facilities for a really low cost.
Be with your breath and enjoy to the fullest.
So don’t worry about expenditure this weekend. RD resort provide even day outing packages for a really budget price.
Check out these amazing options and visit your favourite nature resort and adventure resort in Bangalore.

Best resort in Bangalore for family outing.

Best resort in Bangalore for family outing.

The cosmopolitan city of Bangalore is a great destination for family outing. There is a mix of adventure activities in Bangalore to explore be it trekking, rock climbing or even staying in an amazing resort with some great adventure activities.
Some of the best nature resorts in Bangalore house a lot of thrilling adventure activities like Zipline, rock climbing, trekking, kayaking and many more.
RD’s Nature Retreat is one of the best adventure resorts in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore that helps you indulge in this activities. It is a perfect destination for family outing in Bangalore. With a lot of greenery, a comfortable accommodation and lots of fun activities, this resort caters to all your family outing needs.
Exploring land adventure activities in Bangalore and water adventure activities in Bangalore around Bannerghatta Road is the best possible way to spend a family outing in Bangalore.
So wait no more and book your stay at one such resort and experience either a day adventure package or a stay adventure package in RD’s Nature Retreat.

Best adventure activities in Bangalore

Best adventure activities in Bangalore

Wondering how to experience adventure in this IT Hub? Bangalore is not just the silicon valley of India but is also a prime location to experience a wide variety of thrilling and adventurous activities. Bangalore offers some of the most desired adventure in the country.
Be it river rafting, trekking, paint ball, kayaking or even just boating, Bangalore has it all.
Here are 5 best adventure activities that you can explore in Bangalore.

1. ATV bike ride- This activity is rarely found and the lucky people of Bangalore get to experience it. One of the places in Bangalore offering this sport is RD’S NATURE RETREAT located in Bannerghata road. It involves driving a ATV bike through rough terrain!

2. Paint ball- Paint ball as a concept is very prevalent in many places of Bangalore. Its a team adventure activities for corporates or can also be a fun activity for friends. Shoot paint at people and colour them in happiness.

3. Rifle shooting- Places like RD’S nature Retreat offers this sport for a very cheap cost. If you are interested in archery, aiming, darts etc. this adventure activity is perfect for you. Explore this Adventure resort in Bangalore to get access to it.

4. Zipline- not only is zipline prevalent as a sport, it has also taken the form of a tour now in Bangalore.
Zipline tours in Bangalore are very famous because of the adrenaline rush involved in it. If you want to experience this sport, visit some of the adventure resorts in and around Bangalore.

5. Cycling- this is not any normal activity. In this case, cycling is an adventure task that gives you a burst of excitement. The terrain is difficult to conquer but appropriate equipment for cycling are given in most nature resorts or adventure resorts in Bangalore. Stay fit, stay healthy with this sport.

The city Bangalore houses some of the most famous adventure resorts and nature resorts that facilitate such sports. RD’S nature Retreat is one of the very famous ones.
Pack your courage now and jump into the adventure!

5 ways to enjoy day outing with friends and family:

Nothing beats a change of setting in a relaxing getaway nestled in nature and greenery. RD’s Nature Retreat offers the best vacation away from the city. Here are 5 ways to enjoy with friends and family at a resort:
1. Nature: Nothing is as relaxing as fresh air and beautiful scenery to relax and recover from your hectic life. RD’s Nature Retreat is known for its gorgeous landscape and lush greenery that keeps our clients coming back for more.
2. Socializing: Gather around a bonfire and talk about anything and everything under the stars after a relaxing evening or thrilling day, whichever suits your group, and make memories for a lifetime.
3. Adventure sports: Share the thrills of water sports, kayaking, rope activities, indoor and outdoor games and many more to bond with your loved ones and come closer than ever. We at RD’s Nature Retreat guarantee you’ll remember these moments with a pleasant smile for years to come!
4. Trekking: To seal the deal, climb one of the scenic hills near RD and surmount every challenge together with your group. Reach the top and savoir the view with your companions at your side.
5. Bird watching: Enjoy the various fauna and birds at RD’s Nature Retreat. Capture the beauty in a camera or just take in the view by yourself. Either way, we guarantee you’ll be left asking for more and more time at the sprawling premises and never want to leave.

Benefits of visiting nature

Human Beings are born out of nature and it is where we truly belong. The earth is where our feet should be and we should only breathe the most fresh air while having uncompromising facilities and amenities. Where else would you find all this but RD’s Nature Retreat! So here’s five ways to rejuvenate and find solitude in nature:
1. Scenery – Nature is a sight for sore eyes. Greenery and blue skies can change your mindset and make everything right in life. Find yourself relaxing your vision and loving everything you see around in the lap of nature.

2. Activities – There’s nothing that calms the mind more than moving the body. At RD’s Nature Retreat there’s activities to keep you occupied all day. Rope activities, watersports and many more are at your disposal to find exciting adventure and thrills.

3. Trekking – The mountains have clear air to clear your mind. Take a trek to one of the nearby hills at the best Adventure resort in Bangalore, RD’S Nature Retreat as we organize everything for your convenience.

4. Camping – Sleep under the stars and wake up to a beautiful sunrise. Camping is one way to immerse yourself completely in nature for relaxation and an authentic feel. Camp with groups of friends and family and share a new experience at the best Adventure Camp away from the typical stay at hotels.

5. Boating – Paddle in the peaceful water of the pond at RD’S Nature Retreat and soak in the pure and calm nature. The experience is perfect for couples or even for a single traveler looking to get away from mundane life.

So come make memories at RD’S Nature Retreat and gift yourself a new outlook on life!

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