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The purpose of a holiday is to escape from ordinary life and love into a different setting that is refreshing and rejuvenating. This meaning of a vacation is lost in a luxury hotel where the mind is again confined within walls that may look decorated but are still an obstruction from nature and its core. The refreshment of the mind and body together can take place in harmony only within nature and greenery. Bangalore is a spot in Karnataka that has visitors from across the world and all over India too. This allows for a lot of connections via roads and railways. The city has many small towns and villages set amidst nature all around allowing it to have many weekend getaway options filled with the complete nature experience.
A nature resort is more than just greenery spread across a property. It is an organised chaos where greenery is molded in such a way that it becomes aesthetic and the greenery itself becomes the identity of the resort. The walkways, reception, rooms, dining areas and every nook and cranny must reflect nature or an at least a representative element of it so as to make the experience authentically natural and never let the visitor doubt the natural feel of the resort. To go the extra mile, even the food menu may be curated with all natural ingredients as such minute details make a resort unique and memorable. Every tree, shrub and blade of grass is itself a part of the environment created within the resort.
Adventure sports is an entertaining factor which has become largely commercialized and broken down into a very artificial experience. The water bodies, greenery and even the muddy terrains used in cities for these activities is all brought from outside locations making them very obviously man made. There is an added thrill in knowing that an ATV track is genuinely raw soil and that trees from which the nets are hanging are naturally present. The visitor feels like they are in a real forest and have made their abode within it.
The cherry on top is the little elements that only exist within real nature such as the chirping of birds and presence of small animals such as squirrels that makes the whole experience subliminally complete. Your mind will fully become one with nature when you hear a world of voices even within the silence which is nature speaking to you. Experience this gift of nature today and visit a nature resort for your next getaway.