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As paintball as an activity started gaining popularity in India, many adventure hubs have started incorporating it. This colorful game’s main focus is on strategy and team effort. In this game, players shoot paintballs at other team members who become their target. The main aim of the game is to survive without being completely splashed!
This game is generally played with safety gears that ensure no injury.
The objective of the game is customizable. While some make it about hoisting the team flag, others play it till they run out of ammunition. Whether you play defense or attack is up to you.
The duration of the game ranges from seconds to hours.
This game is a very fun team activity that poses challenges in front of players.
You can play this if you are bored on a Sunday or even as a part of your corporate team building session.
The game is so captivating that it often helps in concentration development. Furthermore, it also tones up your body because it engages you in a lot of fitness postures.
A lot of trip organizing companies keep paintball as their main focus because of the popularity that it has gained over the years.
Paintball involves crawling, diving, sprinting and various other postures that becomes really exciting in the game.
It is a sport of excitement, focus and a lot of strategy. If you are a PUBG lover, you will love this game too because of all the cool strategies involved. In Fact it is a lot like PUBG but only with colors.
At most places, this is a really affordable adventure activity that involves a very good game plan. It is highly engaging and you are sure to try it more than once when you get introduced to it.
Often the field of the game is themed in a certain way and obstacles are placed accordingly.
The first organized paintball game in record was held by Charles Gaines and friends in New Hampshire in 1981, with the first paintball field opening approximately a year later in Sutton.
Now we have professional tournaments hosted for paintball where well trained players participate with a proper objective. The first British national league was the British Paintball League created in 1989 by Gary Morhall, Richard Hart and Derek Wildermuth in Essex England.
So gather your friends and family around and rush for a match of Paintball because it is a great stress buster and is extremely adventurous and fun!