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Wondering how to experience adventure in this IT Hub? Bangalore is not just the silicon valley of India but is also a prime location to experience a wide variety of thrilling and adventurous activities. Bangalore offers some of the most desired adventure in the country.
Be it river rafting, trekking, paint ball, kayaking or even just boating, Bangalore has it all.
Here are 5 best adventure activities that you can explore in Bangalore.

1. ATV bike ride- This activity is rarely found and the lucky people of Bangalore get to experience it. One of the places in Bangalore offering this sport is RD’S NATURE RETREAT located in Bannerghata road. It involves driving a ATV bike through rough terrain!

2. Paint ball- Paint ball as a concept is very prevalent in many places of Bangalore. Its a team adventure activities for corporates or can also be a fun activity for friends. Shoot paint at people and colour them in happiness.

3. Rifle shooting- Places like RD’S nature Retreat offers this sport for a very cheap cost. If you are interested in archery, aiming, darts etc. this adventure activity is perfect for you. Explore this Adventure resort in Bangalore to get access to it.

4. Zipline- not only is zipline prevalent as a sport, it has also taken the form of a tour now in Bangalore.
Zipline tours in Bangalore are very famous because of the adrenaline rush involved in it. If you want to experience this sport, visit some of the adventure resorts in and around Bangalore.

5. Cycling- this is not any normal activity. In this case, cycling is an adventure task that gives you a burst of excitement. The terrain is difficult to conquer but appropriate equipment for cycling are given in most nature resorts or adventure resorts in Bangalore. Stay fit, stay healthy with this sport.

The city Bangalore houses some of the most famous adventure resorts and nature resorts that facilitate such sports. RD’S nature Retreat is one of the very famous ones.
Pack your courage now and jump into the adventure!