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Nothing beats a change of setting in a relaxing getaway nestled in nature and greenery. RD’s Nature Retreat offers the best vacation away from the city. Here are 5 ways to enjoy with friends and family at a resort:
1. Nature: Nothing is as relaxing as fresh air and beautiful scenery to relax and recover from your hectic life. RD’s Nature Retreat is known for its gorgeous landscape and lush greenery that keeps our clients coming back for more.
2. Socializing: Gather around a bonfire and talk about anything and everything under the stars after a relaxing evening or thrilling day, whichever suits your group, and make memories for a lifetime.
3. Adventure sports: Share the thrills of water sports, kayaking, rope activities, indoor and outdoor games and many more to bond with your loved ones and come closer than ever. We at RD’s Nature Retreat guarantee you’ll remember these moments with a pleasant smile for years to come!
4. Trekking: To seal the deal, climb one of the scenic hills near RD and surmount every challenge together with your group. Reach the top and savoir the view with your companions at your side.
5. Bird watching: Enjoy the various fauna and birds at RD’s Nature Retreat. Capture the beauty in a camera or just take in the view by yourself. Either way, we guarantee you’ll be left asking for more and more time at the sprawling premises and never want to leave.